About Us

Cari-Med Limited began operations in Jamaica in 1986 as a small pharmaceutical distributorship with three employees. Today the company is a leading distributor of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and consumer goods with a highly trained, knowledgeable and experienced workforce of over 400 employees.
Cari-Med’s position as a leader in innovation and business is due largely to our employees’ commitment to consistently exceed the expectations of our principals and customers, as well as our continuous investment in IT infrastructure to enhance our competitive edge.

Our marketing activities are organized under the following divisions, each staffed by a dedicated team of sales and marketing professionals:

Our People

Cari-Med is more than just an organization comprised of highly qualified professionals. It is also a ‘home away from home’ where persons from diverse backgrounds work, share their lives, have fun and grow. Our approach to employee relations is guided by the principle of ‘Winning through People’ – developing them and drawing on their strengths. Of our over 408 employees, 25% have been with Cari-Med for more than 10 years, confirming our conviction that individuals are more likely to remain with a company if they are provided with opportunities to develop and become more effective at their work.

Enhancing customer service through technology

Our sales and marketing teams are supported by information technology (IT) solutions which allow them to provide our customers with a seamless purchasing experience. For example, sales representatives in the trade can relay orders to the customer service department using their electronic devices, while warehouse associates use handheld and wearable terminals to interface directly with the automated warehouse systems. This results in speedier stock retrieval and faster delivery times.


Cari-Med has established and maintains strong partnerships with most of the world’s top brands. This is mainly due to our unique approach to bringing value to our partners’ business by developing and growing their brands in the marketplace. Our successful track record has not gone unnoticed as evidenced by the numerous awards we have received over the years:

Caribbean Association of Pharmacists – Caribbean Pharmaceutical Industry Award.

P&G – Distributor of the Year for the Caribbean
Abbott – Excellent Performance in Trade Sales and Distribution for Nutritional Products
Apotex – 25 years of partnership as one of the Top Pharmaceutical Partners
Alcon – Outstanding service for over 24 years

Wrigley Jr. Company – In recognition of extraordinary efforts and commitment to excellence.

Purina – Outstanding sales performance for Purina products.
P&G/Gillette – Outstanding performance in P&G/Gillette Integration.

Novartis – In recognition of 20 years of sterling partnership.

– Excellent payment history.
– Best support in implementation of trade promotion.

Apotex Inc. – Continuously achieving top status as one of Apotex’s leading distributors worldwide.

Wrigley Jr. Company – In appreciation and recognition of outstanding service, continuous dedication and professionalism.

GlaxoSmithKline – Recognition of invaluable years of service and partnership.

Stiefel Labs – Number 1 in the Caribbean for Outstanding Sales growth for the 5th consecutive year.