The Cari-Med Story – A story of Leadership and Vision

Since opening its doors in 1986, Cari-Med Ltd. has evolved into the Caribbean’s leading distributor of pharmaceuticals and fast moving consumer goods. The company was founded by Glenford and Marva Christian who, like true visionaries, aimed to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry and offer Jamaicans an alternative to pharmaceutical brand name drugs.

The Christians sought to popularize the usage of generic pharmaceuticals in a bid to provide the consumer with an informed choice and a quality affordable alternative. At that time, this penetration of the traditional pharmaceutical market was deeply opposed by their already well-established competitors.

Smiling in retrospect, Mr. Christian noted, “So it is when innovation is born, the traditionalist feels threatened and wants to close ranks. You have to hold your ground, particularly when you are convinced that you are doing right by the consumer.”

The Christians attribute Cari-Med’s success to many factors, two of which are their strong belief in God and the dedicated support of their staff.

Commenting on their formula for success, Glen Christian states, “You must use your Divine blessing for the good of people. God has placed us as stewards. My late mother inculcated in me the moral and spiritual values of life. She was a motivator, emphasising the importance of education and the guiding principle that success can only be achieved through hard work.”