Human Resources

Employee Welfare

At Cari-Med we encourage employees to strive for a work/life balance with an emphasis on health and wellness. This is facilitated through the provision of amenities such as our fully equipped in-house fitness facility, staffed by a qualified trainer; and an employee dining room where professional chefs develop a range of nutritious and creative menus, including options for vegetarians.

In addition, employees participate in a variety of social and sporting activities designed to relieve stress and promote camaraderie.

Training and Development

At Cari-Med we consciously promote a culture conducive to learning and information sharing. Our approach to career development combines on the job training and other structured interventions, with more dynamic strategies such as coaching and mentoring.

In addition to benefitting from work-related training, employees take advantage of programmes such as “Lyme and Learn”, which provide information relevant to their personal lives, which can also be shared with friends and family.

  • The Staff Training and Development Centre

    The mission of the Training and Development Centre is to continuously increase individual and organizational effectiveness by utilizing global best-practice and innovation in the design and delivery of its programmes.

    In 2013 Cari-Med officially commissioned its Training and Development Centre with a mandate to develop exceptional leaders within the organization, as a strategic tool for future growth and development of the business. The Centre develops and delivers programmes in line with the company’s strategy of life-long learning and promoting from within. Two of the centre’s initiatives to date are:

  • Management Development Programme

    Participants in the Management Development Programme are exposed to accelerated learning opportunities in a supportive and nurturing environment. Each candidate’s strengths and development gaps are identified through a comprehensive evaluation at the start of the programme, and targeted learning interventions are developed as appropriate. A structured mentorship component is also built into the programme, through which candidates receive the required support, encouragement and advice to support their professional development.

  • Organization-wide Cross Training

    In addition to providing world-class leadership training opportunities, Cari-Med develops its employees through a comprehensive cross-training programme to sharpen and improve the skills of each employee as they grow and develop on the job. The Cross Training programme supports career and professional development within the organization, and helps maintain an adequate pool of well-trained employees who are able to assume greater levels of responsibility over time.