The Cari-Med / Kirk Foundation supports computer learning at Brandon Hill Primary

September 19, 2014 10:08 am

The Cari-Med & Kirk Foundation recently turned over a fully retrofitted computer lab valued at over $5 million to the Brandon Hill Primary School in Clarendon.

The school had approached the Foundation with a request for help in refurbishing its computer lab to facilitate the re-introduction of its Computer Studies programme. An assessment team from Cari-Med’s IT department found the existing lab to be in disrepair, totally non-functional , and requiring full retrofitting. Based on their assessment of what was required to bring the lab up to Ministry of Education standards, the Foundation refurbished the computer workstations and presented the school with 18 computers, a printer and scanner. Another two computers were donated to the school by the NCB Foundation which had been invited to support the project.

Brandon Hill Primary, which is the alma mater of Cari-Med’s Chief Executive Officer Glen Christian, also provides the next level of education for students graduating from the Evelyn Mitchell Infant School of Excellence which was built by the Foundation in 2008. Based on the high academic performance of students at Evelyn Mitchell, the Foundation felt that upgrading computer training facilities at Brandon Hill would also serve to support the further development of these students. With information technology now being a key component of quality education at all levels, the computer lab will serve as a tool to support the delivery of this much needed aspect of their education.