The VAPE brand offers a range of insect control products that can be used safely in the home. These include aerosols, coils, mats and machines, and liquid sets, all of which are environmentally friendly.


VAPE Aerosol

VAPE Aerosol kills flying and crawling insects in and around the home. Available in 400mL, 600mL.

VAPE Liquid Refill

VAPE Liquid Refills emit a light, pleasant fragrance while protecting against mosquitoes. Provides up to 60 nights’ protection.

VAPE Mat Super – 15s & 30s

VAPE mats are effective in repelling mosquitoes. Place one mat on the heating surface for a pleasant smelling fragrance and protection that lasts for up to eight hours.

VAPE Mosquito Coils

VAPE Mosquito coils keep away mosquitos, sandflies and flying insects. Available in 6s and 10s.

VAPE Mat Machine, Cordless

The compact and handy VAPE Mat machine is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

VAPE Dual Machine

This versatile electronic dual dispenser allows you to use a liquid or mat refill.


VAPE Skin Mist

Apply every 2 to 3 hours for indoor and outdoor protection from mosquitoes. Specifically formulated for use by the entire family, including babies over two months old.