Children’s Health Care

Diaper rash creams, Ointments, Teething gels.


Dermatologist tested Balmex rash creams provide long lasting relief to soothe and protect your baby’s skin from irritation, chafing and rash.


Bonjela’s wide range of oral products provides soothing relief of mouth pain caused by teething as well as mouth, denture and brace sores. Its anaesthetic action provides fast relief for sore gums.


For years paediatricians and mothers alike have trusted Desitin to treat and prevent diaper rash and minor skin irritation. Formulas ranging from Original Ointment to Creamy or Clear are available for your baby’s specific needs.

Dr. Sheffield’s

Dr. Sheffield’s Baby Teething Gel provides fast and effective relief from teething pain for babies over 4 months old.