Skin / Personal Care

Antifungals, Skin cleansers, Hypo-allergenic creams and soaps, Wart removers.

AriScalp BlendAcne Aid

Acne Aid is a gentle skin cleaner and degreaser specifically formulated for pimple prone and oily skin conditions. It contains no perfume, abrasive chemicals or artificial colorants.

AriScalp BlendAriScalp Blend

AriScalp Blend is specially formulated to leave scalp free from itching, flakes and infection. It promotes fast hair growth and prevents breakage.

AriSulphur Facial Treatment BarAriSulphur Facial Treatment Bar

AriSulfur Facial and Body Treatment bar is specifically formulated to provide the healing properties of sulfur with none of the smell.


Cetaphil offers a wide range of fragrance free, non-greasy products for all skin types and ages. It also offers products formulated specifically for eczema-prone skin.


Chap-et® medicated protective lip conditioner formula moisturizes, soothes and protects lips. Suitable for everyday use.

Compound WCompound W

Compound W Wart Removers quickly and safely remove warts. They are gentle enough to use on children over the age of four.